Joe Hunter

Postgraduate researcher
Faculty of Design and Development
Thesis title
Consistency in web design is it important for good user experience — not just for style, but also for the way content is presented
Patrick Ward
Karen Cooper


I am a designer who codes and PhD researcher. I strive to create simple, original, and impactful user experiences. I have three areas of design that my research concentrates on.

Service design

Service Design is the bird's eye view that is incorporating the whole ecosystem of design from when the consumer first hears about the product, through them using it, to them loving it so much they mention it to their friends. My research area focusses on how to identifying customer phases and identifying the customer journey.

UX design

User Experience Design is how customers interact with the design. It's the strategy behind the design, my research focuses on user and business stories along with flows.

UI design

User Interface Design is the look and feel of an object; at this stage is where you start to introduce the brand into the design and its this area that I mainly focus on brand integration (colours, typography, images, illustrations, and copy) within design systems.

Research interests

My research interests lie in how design systems can streamline the design and development process — how they effectively decrease the amount of time it takes to design, build, and ship new websites, products, and features. My main focus is examining how a successful design system enables teams to rapidly prototype and experiment with ideas in high fidelity — and how this ultimately saves business time and money.

My other interests lie in researching how design systems help businesses design and build on-brand, quality digital products. By investigating how a design systems can mitigate the problems that many large scale business and organisations have with distributed teams creating a variety of styles and slightly different approaches to solving the same problem and how designs can quickly become inconsistent. How design systems enable teams to follow guidelines and stay consistent and ensure that interfaces are more predictable and accessible, which fosters trust in users and helps with conversion and retention.


  • BA (Hons) Service Design