The @uol-widget-events pattern lets users see a selection of upcoming events sorted in chronological order.

It uses the standard @uol-widget and the @uol-event-cards components.

If there are no events available the entire widget including the widget title and “View all events” link will not display.

When to use

Use the @uol-widget-events pattern to display a selection of upcoming events, typically on a home page of section introduction page.

When not to use

Do not use this pattern for:

  • anything other than events.
  • events in the past

Developer guidance

Events widgets will normally include a link to a page where all events can be viewed. Use the widget_link object. eg:

'widget_link': {
  'url': '/all-events-link',
  'text': 'View all events',
{% if events.length %}
  {% extends '@uol-widget' %}

  {% block widget_content %}
    {% render '@uol-event-cards', { events: events } %}
  {% endblock %}
{% endif %}
<div class="uol-widget-container">
    <div class="uol-widget">

        <div class="uol-widget__left-col">

            <div class="uol-widget__head">

                <h2 class="uol-widget__title">Events widget</h2>

                <a class="uol-widget__link" href="/all-events-link">View all events</a>



        <div class="uol-widget__content">

            <div class="events-cards">

                <div class="event-card-outer">
                    <div class="event-card">
                        <h3 class="event-card__title">
                            <a class="event-card__link" href="/some-event-link">The Cottingley Fairies: A Study in Deception</a>

                        <div class="event-card__dates">
                            <div aria-hidden="true">
                                <span class="event-card__date__start-date__day">19</span>

                                July 2021

                            <span class="hide-accessible">19 July 2021</span>



  "widget_title": "Events widget",
  "widget_link": {
    "url": "/all-events-link",
    "text": "View all events"
  "events": [
      "title": "The Cottingley Fairies: A Study in Deception",
      "link": "/some-event-link",
      "start": "2021-07-19",
      "end": "2021-07-19"