The University of Leeds Design System is a work in progress that aims to document each of the elements that make up the University’s standard website user interface.


To implement the Design System you will need to include the assets in line with the template guidelines:


Base template

The Design System relies on an outer “base” template. We provide a Nunjucks example that you will need to adapt for your language and environment.

Download base template

Browser support

Operating system Browser Support
Windows Edge (latest version) full
Google Chrome (latest version) full
Mozilla Firefox (latest version) full
macOS Safari 13-14 full
Google Chrome (latest versions) full
Mozilla Firefox (latest versions) full
iOS Safari for iOS 13-14 full
Google Chrome (latest version) full
Mozilla Firefox (latest version) full
Android Google Chrome (latest version) full
Chrome OS Google Chrome (latest version) full

‘Latest versions’ refers to the latest stable version and the version immediately before that.

Design System status labels

Status Label
Do not implement. This element may be experimental and un-tested.
Expect significant change before this item put to use.
Publicly available element undergoing testing.
Ready for use.
Removed from use in live products.

Design System documentation status

Documentation falls into two status levels:

Status Label
The documentation is incomplete or undergoing editorial review.
The documentation is complete.